Sunday, August 28, 2011

hi everyone

first of all, you should all say happy birthday to my mama! she is the best mom in the entire world and i cant be there for her birthday which is difficult so you all have to celebrate with her for me!

since we do not have class on thursday and friday, and i have not been able to visit SafeWater yet, i have had quite a few days off.  i havent been doing much so this post isnt very exciting but you know i am alive.  i got a lot of homework done and continued to hang out and bond with the group.

on saturday, we visited the village of Adenkrabi.  we met another chief and got to play with children all day which was so wonderful.  Adenkrabi is the village where we will be doing our week long homestays so this visit was to meet with them and see where we will be staying.  6 of us will be going at a time starting the last two weeks of september and going until the first week of october.  so a total of 3 weeks, 6 each week.  just to review and clarify :).   im excited to see how that goes!  oh and we also tried palm wine as part of the welcoming shin-dig thing when we visited.  it tastes like coconut milk mixed with sprite mixed with lemonade and something else.  its very different-  and hard to drink a lot of.

not too much to report for now but there ya go.
i still miss you all like crazy!
love you all!

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