Wednesday, August 24, 2011

first week of classes

hello all

classes have begun this week and i can not explain how excited i am to have a routine again. we have classes monday-wednesday from 10:30 until 9pm on Monday and Tuesday and on Wednesday we go from 10:30 until 5:30.   Long days but then we get Thursday and Friday to work on our research and go on all our trips.
many of you have asked what classes i am taking so here is a little summary:
Peoples and Cultures - This class is made up of all guest lecturers coming to each class and teaching us about the people and culture of Ghana.  Its very interesting so far and I am excited to learn more as the semester goes on.  For this class we also do a little research on a side about a cultural topic of our choosing.  I am really excited to pick a topic and start learning more about something there.
Culture and Ethnography - This course is all about learning what ethnography is and how to do it.  For those of you who dont know, ethnography is research in the form of observing and interviewing people.  This class goes along with the research/internship work that I will be doing at SafeWater.  So by the end of the semester I will have an ethnography project done on something to do with SafeWater.  I still haven't been able to go to SafeWater yet so I am not sure what my ethnography will focus on but I think it will be really interesting.
African Politics - Our professor for this class is great.  Its a long class but its pretty interesting and is all discussion based on our readings.  (ALOT of reading).  We also do a research paper for this class as well and although I am not as excited for this one since politics is not my thing but the professor is interesting and I am ready to learn something interesting.
Twi Language - Twi is the local language here.  This class is terrifying.  Im not exaggerating. The professor is very stern and intimidating but he is (trying) to teach us useful phrases.  The pronunciation is difficult but hopefully it will fall into place soon.  I think we are all quite afraid of this class.
African Dance and Drumming - Umm ha.  So we havent had this yet, our first class is pretty soon.  I have no rhythm at all but I am going to put in my best effort and maybe I will pick up on something. maybe. if all else fails im sure it bring out some good laughs and great exercise.  we have seen some students leave the class dripping sweat. cant wait. love the sweat.

So those are all my classes.  A few others are taking an african literature course but i chose not to take it.  The routine is helping make our weeks go faster and helps with the settling in.  We also have quite a bit of homework ahead of us so we will be really busy with that as well.
Overall, the rough patch of transitioning is ending and it seems like it will be a good and busy semester.  Im excited to learn a lot and maybe come back and teach you all how to african drum and dance! :)
I miss you all like crazy and I cant wait to see you again.

love to you all.

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  1. First week done! Your classes will be interesting/busy and the language class sounds challenging! Keep trusting God for each day :-) Have a nice weekend . . hope not too much homework! Praying for you . . Love, Mrs. D.