Tuesday, December 6, 2011

time to say goodbye

hi all!

i leave tomorrow. i cannot believe that the time is finally here. i have been counting down for a long time and now i am down to one day.
the past few weeks have been wonderful.
over thanksgiving break we had a wonderful trip to the beach, relaxing, playing in the ocean, and enjoying one another's company and the beautiful location. we even had a bonfire on the beach to celebrate thanksgiving.
we went on one last trip together up to akropong once more.  we had a lovely time of reflection over where we have been, where we are now, and what the future holds for us.
we also had a final party last night where we were able to thank everyone we have worked with and say our goodbyes.
now we have the day to finish up shopping and work on packing.
we fly out tomorrow night and we would appreciate prayers for safe travel and patience in our remaining time.
i cannot thank you enough for all of the support i have received in the past four months but thank you from the bottom of my heart. i could not have done it without you.
i cant wait to see you!

all my love.

here are some pictures:

beautiful sunset on the coast of Ghana. perfect vacation.

my darling Shelby and I on the beach

Our Safe Water Team.  Josephus, the Safe Water representative, Stephanie, our professor, and James.

Our Ghana family that we lived with for homestays.  From left:  Kate and Steph, Atta Bah (the help), Christabel (7), John, Ashia (4), Maggie, Zeta (mom), Drome (8 months), and Daniel (dad)

My baby girl Ashia.

My darling Cristabel

The seniors of our group.