Thursday, May 9, 2013

are you being called?

my dearest friends and family,

while i continue to search for a job i have decided to donate some of my time to being a partnership representative with children international.  this opportunity will allow me to make connections with people and gain experience in the non-profit world for future opportunities.

what does this mean for you? glad you asked!
if you feel called to sponsor a child PLEASE let me know.  are you considering adoption and just not there yet? are the kids grown up and out of the house and you want to see another child grow? do you feel called to give to needy children?  there are many reasons and stories as to why you may sponsor a child and that is completely a wonderful personal relationship you can cultivate.

children international believes in maintaining your relationship. the money you send goes to your child. there is no kitty and it is not evenly dispersed. it is you and your child.  you can even visit them if you want.  you can write them letters, they will write you letters.  they will love you as much, if not more, as you love them.

there is no certain time commitment, it is what you feel called to do.  a little goes a long way in these children's lives.

i will not badger you constantly on facebook to sponsor after this.  all i ask is for you to pray and consider sponsoring a child so you can change their life.  if you feel called to do so, please contact me by any means. facebook, email, phone, in person, pigeons, morse code.  all i ask is that you go through me so that i can show that i am doing my job :)  i am filled with information so please come talk to me!