Thursday, March 21, 2013

a north carolina adventure

hi everyone!

recently i have spent a lot of time wishing for a traveling adventure that i could blog about because i miss traveling and writing.   it dawned on me that i dont need to leave the country to have an adventure.  the hubby has said multiple times that i should start blogging again and i am finally going to take his advice.  it has been over a year since i have graced you all with one of my a+ written blogs, but have no fear my lower-case, write whatever comes to my mind blogs are back.

so here is an update (the fastest update i can) on our non-international adventure.  after returning from ghana, the hubs proposed the next day! talk about a whirlwind couple days, returning to a country and getting engaged.  whoa.  that led into my final semester of college, which was over way too soon.  tip for those engaged in college:  you better be crazy ocd like me.  its not easy to stay focused on school, especially when the wedding you are planning is 3 hours from where you go to school.  but obviously i did it, because the hubs and i were married the end of july and it was the best day of my life.   i love that man, but more about that later.   in june, prayers were finally answered and hubs accepted a job in mt. airy, nc.  2 days after our wedding we moved down to winston-salem, north carolina without ever seeing our apartment before.  talk about a leap of faith,  more like a blind bellyflop off the high dive but we did it.  the hubs started work the day after we moved here and i obsessively unpacked and organized within a week.  those boxes didnt stand a chance against me.  it was one of those, okay, deep breath lets do this moments.  and that was it.

fast forward to now.  we adopted the greatest pup in the world from the local shelter who has been an adventure all in itself, that can be a future blog post.   we have been married 8 months and it has been the best adventure figuring out our lives together.  we ignored all those warnings that the first year of marriage is hard, turns out its true.  we handled learning a new city where we know no one, being 12 hours away from home,  unemployment, crazy first year teaching business, and loving each other as a husband and wife.  our love never faltered but other factors have really tested our patience, faith, and communication.  i am a firm believer that its been the best thing ever for us because we can handle anything.  sidenote:  to all you engaged lovebirds, i hope you have the hardest first year of marriage ever.  and i say that with all the love possible.

handle all that?  i hope you are all caught up on our lives now.   my blog will continue to focus on the adventures ahead of us:  still figuring out a job for me, living and learning a budget (i am quite proud of where i have gotten us on groceries and the hubs is fantastic at a budget),  staying healthy,  raising our difficult pup, learning our new surroundings, and loving each other and God.
any other topics you are curious about?  send an email or comment and i will do my best to answer in a future blog.

i look forward to this new adventure with all of you!

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